Funeral Options

Planning Ahead for a Funeral

Planning ahead for your funeral or memorial service is not only advisable but also a kindness to any loved ones you leave behind. There are many different options available, and unless you make your wishes expressly known, family members may have difficulty choosing the funeral service for you. Here are some common options you can start thinking about now.

A Traditional Funeral is the Most Common

The traditional funeral is just as it sounds. It usually involves embalming a body and placing it in a casket. There is often a memorial service at a funeral home, and then a graveside service where the casket is laid to rest. The grave is typically marked by a cemetery monument, which is a vertical mounted headstone with a base. Full-service traditional funerals are often the most expensive.

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Cremation Is Becoming More Popular

A more cost-effective funeral option is cremation, which can be done very early after the death or after a body viewing and funeral service is performed. At the designated time, the body is placed in a cardboard-type box and burned to ashes, which can then be placed in an urn or other vessel. Families may take the ashes with them or choose to inter them at a cemetery or other designated resting place.

Non-Traditional Funeral Options

There are also non-traditional options, such as resomation, which dissolves the body tissues and is similar to cremation. A natural burial, which is more environmentally friendly and saves on purchasing a casket, may be available at an all-natural cemetery. You can even have your body cremated and used to build an artificial reef to contribute to an undersea habitat, or even have it launched into space.

Choose An Option That Fits Your Style and Budget

There are many different funeral options available, and what you choose depends entirely on your preferences and beliefs. By establishing and paying for your funeral arrangements long before anything happens, you can ensure your last wishes are followed and that your loved ones have less to worry about during what is likely to be an emotionally trying time of their lives.